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i wouldnt say people are stupid, they just have different opinions on what beauty is (in a physical sense). and i agree, everyone is beautiful in their own way, it’s just not everyone is physically beautiful. i also agree with the last part

But why aren’t they physically beautiful? Because society says that is not a beautiful body? Can you honestly tell me you would feel that there are bodies that aren’t beautiful if you grew up in a society that was much different than ours? One that didn’t have an ideal body shape and that accepted everyone as they are? So it’s fat that makes people less attractive? Perhaps it’s just unpleasant to your eyes. But then again, couldn’t you argue that you feel that way just because of the society you grew up in? I don’t see how that makes any difference in what a person looks like. As long as the person is healthy and love the body that they have I don’t see any reason why they can’t have a beautiful body. I’m not trying to shove my views down your throat, I am just trying to say that I think everyone is beautiful and I will NEVER tell someone that they are ugly.

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posted on February 27, 2013